The perfect UV Printer for wall Tile

Written By apacheadmin

December 15, 2021

In the past decade, there has been a growing demand for customization and personalization. This demand for customization has advanced with the help of UV printers. Today, printing has progressed beyond t-shirts, mugs, and banners, by using Apache AP-Gen1012i UV. UV printers, you can now print on almost anything.

Property owners no longer want readily available floor and wall décor; they want their property to be unique. Architects, interior designers, tile retailers have made immense use of this technology to print designs on glass, ceramic tiles, metal and even wood. You can add an instant wow factor to your property by designing a feature wall or a mural. Moreover, it can be used to incorporate branding to your businesses for example, restaurants and retail outlets.

How does UV printing work?

The only thing you need is a design, you can have your favourite artwork printed on your tiles or get your company branding on the walls of the office. People can make tiles look like wood, stone or marble; the possibilities are endless.
With Apache you have the flexibility to edit the designs or swap colour using our design software. The ceramic tiles are arranged on the flatbed of the printer and design is sprayed onto the tiles with precision. At Apache, we have high standards of quality control which guarantees that you will always get perfect prints every time.
The printer uses a special ink that dries up as soon as it comes in contact with UV light. This helps in improving precision of the prints as well as avoids unwanted blotting. And voila! You have customised ceramic tiles.

Apache AP-Gen1012i UV Flatbed Printer Large Format printingCan also be used in many different formats  like signs and be printed on wall tiles

Benefits of Apache AP-Gen1012i UV UV printing:
Lets unravel why Apache AP-Gen1012i UV is the perfect printer for wall tiles

Preview of AP-Gen1012i UV Flatbed PrintingHere's an example of how the printer prints on large formats creating a giant image on wall tiles
  • UV printing with Apache AP-Gen1012i UV is much faster compared to traditional tile printing. Earlier, customisations were done using screen printing method, where a mesh transfers ink onto tiles. This process is time consuming as it takes time for the ink to dry whereas UV cured ink dries almost instantaneously, and you can get more prints made in a fixed time. The G5i 1012 printer has a large table size (where the substrate is placed to get printed) is ideal for printing large images like signage, banners, and interior decoration. The model also has 2 printheads which increases the printing speed considerable and allows colour and white printing at the same time.
  • Most traditional ceramic tile printing methods have a disadvantage where only light-coloured tiles are used as design is visible only on light coloured tiles. Apache Apache AP-Gen1012i UV UV printers do not have this limitation, the designs can be printed on light as well as dark coloured tiles, giving you the freedom to choose.
  • The process of UV tile printing is hassle free, there are no complex steps involved in printing tiles, all you need is a design and the tiles you want to print on. Our printers will do the rest and you don’t have to dry or treat the printed tiles. Your tiles will be ready for use immediately after printing is completed.
  • Our Gen5i 1012 range UV printers incorporate 2x Ricoh Gen5i latest print heads which have high precision, they can print minute details to create a wide variety of stunning designs. They are able to print up to 1200dpi high-definition images and the print heads are compatible with various types of inks which make them suitable for all types of applications.
  • Apache AP-Gen1012i UV UV printers generate high value for the money spent. Anyone can now achieve marble like flooring, designed feature walls, or beautiful kitchen splashbacks without having to spend extensively on real marble or wood. You can create your desired look for your property by printing on the ceramic tiles.
  • Unlike dye sublimation which produces wastage as the dye sublimation transfer paper is later discarded, our UV printers are environment friendly with no wastage. Furthermore, our printers have been engineered to save on ink consumption with the RICOH print heads.
  • Our printers are custom made in South Korea with strict quality control measures ensuring you a trouble-free printing experience. Apache AP-Gen1012i UV printers are durable and low maintenance. The UV printed tiles are also easy to install just like any other tile, they don’t need re-polishing which makes them very low maintenance and perfect for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Make peoples heads turn by converting your design into stunning wall art! You can watch the video linked below to see how our printers create magic on ceramic tiles.

Apache printers have a wide range of applications, our UV flatbed printers are ideal for ceramic tile printing and even for printing on glass, wood, and metal. Whatever your application, we can fulfill your printing needs. Click on the link below to contact us regarding your printer requirement.