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Apache UV Printers with PrintFactory RIP

Excellent RIP Experience

A good RIP saves you time and energy to get the right colors on the right substrate. Print shop and designers can focus on their priority and leave the rest to us. Apache UV Printers now bundle with PrintFactory, an excellent RIP from Netherlands. Here are the advantages of how we help you print easily

Faster Job Production

PrintFactory is a Cloud-based RIP software with superfast data processing. It includes 5 modules, RIP, Layout, Editor, Calibrator and PrintStation. You will get these 5 modules at one price. The RIP separates the job preparation and production. You can work on the next job while printing to speed up production. You can print from the RIP instead of going through another print control software. It is direct and time saving.

Professional Editor & Layout

The Editor has powerful editing function. Similar to Adobe Illustrator, you can create or edit your artwork real time, create spot white and varnish ink layers with just one click, assign spot colours, manage ink layers and various printing effects. Layout allows you to edit your job WYSWYG without jumping to other software. You can also do pre-press corrections such as colour amends, font work, tiling, contour management to original files in almost any format. T he last-minute nesting changes in the layout won’t slow production down at all!

Excellent Color Management

PrintFactory prints more vivid and more accurate colours on different substrates consistently. It maximizes colour saturation, whilst lowering ink consumption. The Calibrator module guides you to do ICC Profiling easily and store on Cloud. The VISU colour engine delivers cleaner colour, better greys. It reproduces the colours within each printer’s gamut. It is extremely convenient if you have multiple printers.

Control of Multiple Printers

PrintFactory RIP cloud workflow enables user to run the same RIP setting, dynamic nesting, job management, synchronise your pre-calibrated profiles and data over multiple sites, anyplace anywhere. It gives users centralised control of all the connected printers.