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AP-GH3040EvoUV Flatbed Printer
AP-GH3040EvoUV Flatbed Printer
UV-LED Direct-to-Substrate Printer


The GH 3040 Printer offers vibrant, full color personalization. Print on virtually any product or substrate including plastic, wood, glass, acrylic, metal, tile and even braille signs.


Product Features

Our GH 3040 printer incorporates 3x Ricoh GH2220 print heads, 6 channels CMYKWW, low running cost, easy to operate, simply the best entry level UV printer in the market.

Automatic height sensor

The GH 3040 will automatically detect the height of the product that is being printed. It print on any substrate up to 70mm thickness.

Print Area

300 x 400 x 70mm (Z axis) printable area. Compact in size which is ideal for shops with space constraints.

Customized Jig

A golf ball jig of 6×9 array is available.

Compact UV LED lamp

Custom made in Korea, compact size air cooling type UV LED lamp, save space, durable and low maintenance. Machine size can be smaller.

@Ricoh GH2220 Printhead

2 rows with independent ink paths
192 nozzles per row x 2,  2 colors

Binary mode: 3 – 5 pl/ Grey-Scale mode: 21±2pl

Maximum grey scale: 4 levels

Inline printhead configuration

3x GH2220 printhead at inline configuration, it provides sharper image, more accurate for colour offset. Easy for printhead calibration, low maintenance.

Rotary Attachment

The rotary attachment is simple to install and remove and doesn’t require extra electrical connection nor motor. It is easy to print on cylindrical items, such as tumblers, mugs, bottles. It allow printing on rotary object with diameter from 40~60mm, bottle length up to 300mm

Printhead Information

Apache GH series, powered by Ricoh GH2220 printhead 

Expanding industrial opportunities with new precision fabricated silicon range.

Introducing the new GH Print Head to complement Ricoh’s stainless steel MH series Print Head family. The GH Print Head is a result of over 10 years of Ricoh research and manufacturing optimization and is now made available for OEMs to incorporate in their aqueous and solvent ink based printer offerings.

Supports water and solvent based inks.

In addition to water-based inks, these print heads support solvent inks as well.

Multi-drop technology enables gray scale expressions

These print heads support multi-drop-based droplet control for instantly consolidating the ink that is discharged from the nozzle at high speeds before it reaches the surface of the medium. Droplet volume control enables full control of ink discharge from small to large droplets.

Shipping Features

Our printers are safely packed in MDF Plywood.

Crate Dimension

Shipping crate dimensions: 1040 x 930 x 920mm
Shipping weight approximately: 120kg



 One year warranty for hardware* 


Delivery time

Standard lead time is 2-4 weeks upon receipt of confirmatory order. 


Each printer is shipped with the following:

  • Print Factory RIP
  • USB cable, power cable
  • Starter ink one set
  • Gloves, syringe, wipes and cleaning accessories


Print Head Number3 ea
UV Lamp Spec &  NumberN/a
Color ConfigCMYKWW (1 Row)
Printing Size300mm x 400mm
Drop Size (Pico Liter)3.5, 7, 11(pl)
Printing Speed(8Pass, Bi-Direction)2.5m2/h
PowerAC 110 ~ 220 4A
Machine Size900 x 700 x 750mm
Machine Weight60KG
Ink Pouch200ml
RipTopaz or Print Factory
Substrate max. Weight20KG
Substrate max Height70mm
Vacuum Table & ZoneNo
Machine StandNo
Option JigN/a