5 Reasons why UV bottle printing is the best option for your brand

AP-GenR60i UV Flatbed Printer

Written By apacheadmin

February 17, 2022

When you walk into a store there are hundreds of brands that sell a single product, it becomes difficult for customers to choose from them. Customers walk into a store with an open mind – their choice depends on the branding and the design of the product if they do not have a favourite. The look and feel of the product play an integral role in the purchase decision for customers. With thousands of brands out there, the competition is high. To beat the competition, brands are now seeking ways to differentiate the look of their products. Brands want to leave a lasting impression in their customers’ minds and to do this, their products need to stand out on the store shelves. 

Today, customers are more likely to spend on personalized products rather than generic brands. The recent innovation in digital printing technology has resulted in the creation of highly personalised packaging and branding. Looking at the market, we can see more and more individuals wanting customized prints on their personal effects.  Bottles, glasses, and mugs are the most requested items for personalization. UV printing technology and digital printers have made it easy to print on glass bottles. The older technology had limitations of printing only on flat surfaces but with the current advancements, it is feasible to print on curved surfaces too. 

5 Benefits of UV bottle printing

  1. Enhance the image of your brand
    Product packaging impacts the way customers perceive the product quality. A sophisticated look and feel to the packaging will make the brand stand out from the competition. The customers get more attracted to the product and feel that the branding is unique. When customers perceive a product to be of higher quality, it builds trust in them which also increases repeat buying. It is studied that people are willing to pay more for products that are unique and considered to be of high quality.
  2. The prints are long lasting and durable
    Labels have been a part of product packaging for as long as we remember, but there are many cons to them. For instance, in the beer and wine market, the labels get wet from keeping the bottles in ice buckets or freezers. On the other hand, people sometimes fidget with the labels and pull them out, leaving the bottle without a label. Direct printing on bottles lasts for a long time, sometimes even years. The designs remain intact when exposed to water, cold or heat since the prints use UV curated inks which last for longer periods.
  3. Not having single use labels reduces environmental impact
    Consumers have become more conscious on the impact that their purchases make to the environment. There has been a fundamental change in buying habits, where people are choosing environmentally friendly alternatives. Glass and metal bottles are quickly replacing plastic bottles. The labels are single use plastic which have no use and cannot be recycled. Moreover, the labels are stuck onto the bottles using chemical adhesives which generate toxic waste. UV bottle printing eliminates all the problems mentioned above, there is no plastic waste generated. Today, the inks used in UV bottle printing are environmentally friendly. 
  4. Easy to recycle bottles for reuse
    The labels on the bottles cannot be recycled, this adds an extra task of removing the labels and cleaning the outside to remove any adhesives on the bottles. Whereas bottles which have direct prints on them don’t need this step. They can be easily recycled without creating more waste. 

    Most milk and drink companies have unique glass bottles which are later collected to be reused or recycled. Having brand labels on the glass bottles makes it easy to reuse the bottle again after cleaning. Also, glass bottles are commonly reused as water bottles or as décor within homes. Having brand name printed on the bottles allows the branding to be showcased every time the bottle is used. 
  5. Highly customised prints of high quality
    Digital printing technology has made it easier to print on any surface, there is no constraint that the product must have a smooth or flat surface. The Ricoh printhead technology has increased the precision with which the designs are printed on the products. This high precision has resulted in consistent prints on products making the brand more reliable with its packaging.

    When it comes to design, there is very little to no limitation on what you can print on bottles using UV bottle printing. The companies can choose to be as creative as they want with their branding. 

Choose Apache printers for your bottle printing needs:

At Apache, we believe in providing the best products to our customers, our Apache R60i  printer has a high precision and deliver great prints on bottles. The Apache R60i printer has the ability to print tactile designs with spot colouring, this eliminates the need for labels. Tactile designs help the product stand out from the hundreds of products on the shelves.

UV bottle printing with Apache uv printers r60i

From the image below, the base colour of the label is clearly visible around the bottle on the left side. With spot colouring, the bottle colour and design are clearly highlighted, as seen on the right-side bottle [refer image] and you can print any design on it. The specialty of our model R60i is that it can print on cylindrical surfaces without any overlap of prints on the edge.

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This printer can be used for small and large print orders, the precision is high due to motor driven rollers. The rollers control the rotation while the print head sprays the colour on the bottle. Different size bottles can be fit onto the rollers since the printer is designed for easy levelling of the products.

3D Embossing effect with Apache printers 3D effects
A preview of the 3D effect from Apache Printers

You can witness a demonstration of the printer by clicking on this link

Combine the power of technology of Apache printers to enhance the branding of your products. Get in touch with us to know how your products can benefit using our printers