UV Printing on Pet Products

Written By apacheadmin

April 7, 2022

The pet industry has seen a lot of growth over the years. Globally, this market has grown to $261 billion, according to Common Thread collectivel. This number will keep growing as more people are becoming pet owners. In the pandemic, pet adoptions skyrocketed, with some shelters even running out of animals. Being able to stay and work from home made the decision to adopt much easier as pets need to be cared for and looked after every day.

When you talk to a pet owner, one thing that you easily know is that they really love their pets. Be it fur babies or feather babies; pet owners want the best products for their pets. Previously, boomers were the predominant pet owning generation, but they are not anymore. Millennials have now taken over and with this the change in purchasing behaviour for pet products. This generation loves to use social media and they want to share content on these platforms. Sharing cute pet photos has become very popular and pet owners will spend more to make their pets look adorable. There are many products for pets available in the stores and online such as tags, collars, leash, bandanas, clothes, shoes, portraits, waste bags, and many more.

Custom made UV printed dog chain example (Apache Printer Example) using Digital printing technologies

Every time you walk into a supermarket, there are many pet products to choose from, but everyone ends up having same products for their pets. Having same pet products isn’t eye catching, so pet owners prefer to buy unique products. Ecommerce has been a blessing for people looking for variety and great designs in pet products. Today, customization is in great demand, everyone wants a unique product and technology has made it possible to customise products for individuals. Having pet’s name printed on their tags or collars has been among the most requested items as they are frequently used. Through custom printing, you can choose what design to print on your pets’ products. Some people are all about accessorising, and you can get all accessories printed in the same design/ theme. 

Custom made  Dog tag example if they are printed via Apache printer UV flatbed printers using digital printing technologies

UV printing is the fastest and most cost-effective method of printing, it can print on any surface, be it metal, glass, wood, plastic, fabric, etc. UV printer is perfect for materials like leather and Biothane; these materials are most used in making leashes and There are no limitations to colours and designs. You only need a design software to create a unique design, this design will be transferred onto the product using a UV printer. 

UV ink is preferred choice as it takes less time to dry, and it is more durable compared to other inks. The prints have resistance towards scratches or under varied climates, be carefree when your pet jumps in a puddle or rolls around in the grass.

The prints are very precise with high sharpness from edge to edge on the surface of the product. The colours stay on the surface and do not get absorbed into the material. 

There are more advantages of UV printing which you can read in our articles called Advantages of UV Printing.

Apache Printers
Apache Digital Flatbed  UV printing example with a cat print out

Apache printers use the best technology to provide you a hassle-free experience, the Ricoh print heads are designed to save on ink and increase precision. These printheads can release up to 4 ink colours which provides the customers with more colour choices and vibrancy. There are multiple nozzles on the print head which helps in increasing precision. Apache has flatbed printers as well as printers for curved surfaces to meet all your printing demands. Apache printers are compatible with various inks, depending on how vibrant or glossy your design is, you can change the ink needed. There is a growing market for custom pet products and businesses should make the most of it before the market gets saturated.

A small breakdown of the costs for a Dog Tag

Customised designs mean more to pet owners which is why they are priced higher when compared to mass produced pet products. Let Apache printers help you grow your business opportunity in the pet products industry. To discuss in further detail, please click here to contact us.